A question for you all.

I have been reading the emails to Janet. I try to read her every one.

They are all wonderful and some are especially deep and moving and Janet has said several times that she wishes everyone could read these beautiful emails.

She just asked it yet again, so I will relay to you. May I post them all on the Blog? (if I can figure out how, exactly) to put a side window on the site so that one does not have to read hundreds of extra emails except by choice?

I will NOT post any without express permission and I can leave the names off entirely if you prefer, or I can leave on just the first names or nick names that few would know who that was. Only close friends already. And many of you have the same first names. I would not have email addresses or definitive stuff like “your next door neighbor”, “your mother” or some such. Unless asked to.

This will add to my work load, so, don’t look for it very soon. And, I will need to think just how to do it without a gigantic work load. It might even not be until I am back on the boat.

We are just watching the nice sunset here in Reno.

Our Love and best wishes to you all! We are getting emails from all around the World. South Pacific Islands, Canada, London, the Mediterranean, Panama, just everywhere.

As I recall, the now, very old cruising book “The Sea Was Our Village” refers to how we know a few hundred, dear friends, like the population of a small Village. It just happens that the population is spread all over the World. We always liked that observation. Miles and Beryl Smeeton, the Hiscocks, and the rest of a fairly small number of authors back in the early 1970s were our heroes. Not all were Master Mariner’s. Many were pretty klutzy, but they had gone out there and done it, so why not us?

We were so blessed as to meet both Miles and Beryl Smeeton and John Guzwell several times when they spoke in Seattle. Janet has met the Pardey’s aboard Taleisin when she was the Pardey’s very new boat.

Ironically, we saw Trekka sail into Black Manele, in Hawaii not long after meeting John Guzwell and have seen, at big boat shows, many other of the famous “hero boats” of the 1950s to 1980s. We are very lucky folks. And not ONLY because we know YOU.

Sun’s down. Hey Janet,should I close the drapes or you want to watch the lights?

Warmest thoughts to you all. Warm Fuzzies to you all. (Google “warm fuzzies and cold pricklies”)

Dave & Janet


10 thoughts on “A question for you all.

  1. Yes Dave, print our emails if you don’t think mine would offend.
    I offend more than I intend to, and occasionally intend to, and don’t.

    Again wishing you Janet a pleasant and exciting journey and admonishing you “David”, as Jesse would address you when she was concerned, to take care of yourself as well as Janet.
    Love caring and grief to and with you,
    John and Tina

  2. Don’t you hate it when people get upset and “Hey! This is me being nice. I thought I was walking on eggshells here.”

    AND, the times that you are trying to CRUSH the SOB and he thinks you are giving him a compliment.

    I just write it off as poor word skills. What can I do? My English teachers figured out that I was hopeless in about the 8th grade.

    There was a quote at the clinic the other day.
    “Be who you are and say what you feel,
    because those who mind don’t matter,
    and those who matter don’t mind.”
    ― Dr. Seuss

    I think that can often be hurtful, so I don’t INTEND to be quite so frank, but I get the message. I’d rather not hurt unless I mean to hurt, which is seldom.

    John, we think your emails are great. No worries mate! As they say down under.

    Dave and Janet (hanging in there)

    I had to Google Dr Seuss quotes to remember that one correctly and they are fantastic!

    The most appropriate so far:
    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
    ― Dr. Seuss

  3. We agree, post away! Words are so difficult to find at a time like this, it helps all of us to read each other’s thoughts. When all your friends are scattered around the globe, what better way to come together and share this experience? Especially when love and friendship are the common threads. Like Pam & David said, you can do no wrong. We’re all on your side. You have our permission to print anything we’ve written. XOXO

  4. you are welcome to post anything from me. love you both. will see you again in this world and the next. you continue to be inspiration for me and my hopes to get cruising! xo peace blessings and light ~ Janell

  5. Dave, feel free to post our emails. Our prayers and love are with you and Janet. We’ll all meet again, on another ocean, share a sunset, a glass of wine, some good nipplies and the warmth of our friendship. Linda and Frank

  6. Dave, go ahead and post whatever you want. I am ohso utterly sad, and traumatic words cannot explain. Let Janet know I love her and continue to pray that when God calls her, He welcomes her with open, loving arms. No more pain or sorrow. She is always with us.

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