Janet is out and we have some very bad news

The Dr found that the bowel obstruction was, indeed, due to cancer on the bowels. This keeps the normal squeezing and relaxing (peristalsis) from moving the feces along.

There is no known surgical solution and, to the best of the advice and knowledge that we have, no other solution either.

This is not what we though they would find and we need time to digest it.

More when we have had time to think about it.

Thanks for all of the prayers and positive energy,

Dave & Janet


17 thoughts on “Janet is out and we have some very bad news

  1. Dave and Janet, While trying to think of something profound to say, I realized there was nothing that my abilities could come up with. All we can do is offer you our Love and Caring. John and Tina

  2. I’m so sorry. I imagine you have tried everything, but just in case, did you ever ask a doctor if Janet would be a candidate for the PARP inhibitor and if it could slow down or stop the cancer? Hoping something will turn up very soon to change things around.
    A hug to both of you-Sally C.

  3. Oh, Dear Ones, this is not what any of us were hoping to hear. Knowledge is better than not knowing, so it was still a wise and courageous choice to go in and find out. We have no answers, just love from our hearts and souls to yours, hour by hour, day by day. Holding you both, Patrick and Lindi

  4. and from us too.. was really thinking we’d see positive report on 1.1.2013
    we’ll keep the candle burning and sending our love.
    Becky & David

  5. Dear Dave and Janet,
    Hello from Oceanside where our hearts are sending you both love and gentle hugs. Along with all your other loving friends, we are numb and can’t begin to express anything but love and support. Prayers and comfort thoughts are singing in the air to you.
    Angie and Bruce

  6. May the peace of our Heavenly Father and his blessings be with you.
    Prayers and love to Janet & Dave
    Millie, Helen, Bill

  7. I’m saddened by this latest report. I’m sure it was not easy for the Doctor to share this with you, and that it was difficult for you to hear. It hurts all of us, because both of you are two of the nicest and the most unique people. I think many of us have fantasized about what it might be like to live on a boat, but few of us have the courage to live the way you have. I’m not sure many of us have the courage to fight on so positively, as you are. Both of you are an inspiration and a real example of the power of love. All couples should be so Blessed, to share the bond you have. Cancer will never take away your love, and your spirit..and that is very humbling to me. May God Bless and surround you both with peace and comfort. ~ Chuck

  8. Dear Janet and David,

    We are truly sorry to read your sad news. Please know that our best positive thoughts are with you. We treasure the times we have spent together and think of our trip together in Turkey often.
    Much love, Richard and Ann

  9. Dear Janet and Dave,
    Thank you for keeping us informed and in the circle of those that care and love you. Our thought and hopes are with you.
    Nancy and Steve

  10. Janet & David,
    Bob and I are truly saddened by this latest news & we feel so helpless in your time of need. This is news we hoped we’d never get. We are not giving up as we prefer to think positive that a miracle will soon engulf you and heal you. You are such a special and kind person and certainly deserving of a miracle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both at this time and always.
    Love, Nancy,Bob & Chloe

  11. JANET & DAVID,

    It’s Monday, Jan. 14. I was in church yesterday with Cris and MJ, and I thought and prayed about you two. I don’t have internet at home. I am on it all day for work, so I’m just now able to leave a message. I really don’t know what to say..or how to help..because
    really..sometimes being human, we realize we’re so limited.

    But I used to tell MJ, when he was young, and he was having trouble sleeping to try to picture Jesus on his journey. Imagine what it would
    have been like to be in a town, and hear that Jesus was coming. I told MJ to close his eyes and try to imagine the Apostles, and all of the people, and try to visualize life in a town in Israel in those early Biblical times. Then imagine how quiet it got, when Jesus would begin to speak, and minister to those who needed healing, and try to picture those being ministered to, and picture the miracles being performed, and how amazing and powerful it would have been.

    I talked to MJ about the unbelievable amount of hope, and peace
    that would surround those who wanted so much to see and hear
    for themselves..the man they had heard so much about. In this world, we all need hope, and peace, and comfort. But as much as we want, there’s only so much that can be felt in this world, such as it is. To many of us, Heaven is just a word. We really don’t know exactly what Heaven is. I just feel it has to be the most beautiful,
    most serene, most peaceful feeling, and I know Janet..you will be
    there..and David..I hope you will find peace..knowing that too.
    Peace n Blessings.. Chuck

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