I hate to say it out loud, as we have been emotionally crushed several times in recent months, but we found a very highly qualified surgeon and he is going to do the surgery Mon the 31st at 1PM!!!!!!! I will hold back his name until after, for luck, but we really like him a lot. Even before he said yes.

As the Brits say, “We are Over The Moon on this!!” (I hope that is the correct usage. Perhaps it means intoxicated or constipated. Or is that where they turn their back to their foes and drop their pants? I get things mixed up.)

I will post more after it really happens or doesn’t. We are very aware that he may find that she is hopelessly full of cancer or there is too much dead bowel, etc. It may be extremely bad news, but we feel that who knows when the bowel obstruction will do something harmful or even fatal. We feel that we must act ASAP. And knowing the REAL situation will allow us to make appropriate choices of what to do next.

We hope and pray that it is primarily adhesions, like the first two obstructions and that by the weekend she will be eating meals. Of a restricted diet to be sure, but eating!

Watch this space.

Janet is registered at the hospital, has her pre-op instructions and is raring to go. Needless to say, we have been under a lot of stress and I have only gotten about 3 & 4 hrs sleep the last several nights, working on the hundreds of pages of medical records from 5 hospitals and 3 states over 2 years. About 1,800 pages and 10 CDs of xrays. Getting them ready for our presentation to several Drs.

Each Dr typically has 20 to 50 pages of paperwork to fill out, and so on. It is a lot of work, but it finally paid off.

Janet is already asleep even though it is just coming up on 8PM. I am exhausted and will close for now. Please be thinking about us, especially on Mon at 1PM Pacific Time. We think that your positive thoughts help a tremendous amount and many reputable studies support that premise. You do not need to agree, just, please, when you think of Janet, please see her with a big smile and out hiking or sailing, swimming, doing a museum, etc. Whatever comes to mind.

If a not very nice thought appears, just mentally say, “No, we don’t want that. We want this kind of future for Janet (and Dave).”

Thanks for the help,

Dave & Janet


12 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS!!

  1. Woohoo!!! You got it – healthy, happy, fun-filled, joyful thoughts of Janet and you coming your way! Plus, fingers crossed and the knocking of wood. Now, get some sleep. You’ve done your homework…Constant love and hugs, Patrick & Lindi

  2. Wow! All of your friends are on the same page. More warm vibes from South King County. I hope all of the positive thoughts create a cushion of support for you both and the doctor on Monday. Peace and love, Siburgs

  3. All the very best, warmest of good thoughts are coming your way. So pleased to hear this news and definitely envisioning the best!
    Eileen & Ward

  4. All the Heaths in the Pacific Northwest (with matriarch, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and great-great-grandkids it starts to add up) send their collective love and a sailboat-load of positive thoughts and best, best, best wishes to you both.

  5. Our love and warmest thoughts, prayers and hearfelt wishes are with both of you. You have even sent this wayward Catholic back to church to light a BIG candle which will surely glow it’s way to positive results. Janet and Dave aboard “Alegria” and us aboard “Windscape” sailing the Med. is our dream for the near future. Stay strong!
    Much Love, Barbara & Allan

  6. We got your back, front, insides, outsides all over Janet for this big day of your surgery. I’ve thoroughly reviewed your doctor’s background on the web and feel you are in great hands. He appears well trained and very compassionate. More one cannot ask for. Go girl! Hang in there Dave. We all love you and as we gather tonight most definitely will be toasting you for a good New Healthy Year!

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