Janet has had some very bad times, but things are finally getting much better.

Yes, again I am very sorry. I do need to update the Blog. Janet has spent the last roughly 30 days in the hospital, she got VERY weak and VERY discouraged, but finally, the IV nutrition that they have her on, seems to finally be working. She got out of the Hospital Sat, Dec 8th.

She is so, so MUCH better now than the low point. I will skip the details. That low point was extremely low, but even at much better, she still very “off her game”.

“You could not do that at all two days ago, and now look at how well you do it.” Is a common phrase, but she really wants to be much more whole and SOON.

We were not able to go to the adhesion removal specialist in Nov that we were SO looking forward to, but we are looking for a way to have something like that done very soon. But, we fear that with the Holidays, soon, that “soon” may be who knows when.

I have been Janet’s 24/7 caregiver and even just getting some sleep once in a while, often took back seat to running some critical errand, or waiting and waiting for some important thing that we’d been promised, but who knew when it would happen.

In the Hospital, we usually need to talk with her Hospital Doctor each day, but they will give you absolutely no idea when they will grace you with their prescience. So, from 6AM until as late as 10PM, I have been trapped in her room, not daring to even go to the cafeteria, for fear of missing the Dr. One time a doctor never did show up, until the next morning.

In that Dr’s defense, he seems to work 20 hr days and 6 or 7 day weeks. I do not mean to sound like he was playing golf.

So, writing emails was way down the list. Sadly, it still is low priority. Our Holiday letter may be a bit late. Please tell our friends what is going on.

After the first few days in the Hospital, I did get to stay right in her room on a folding bed that was actually quite comfortable. At least when one was as tired as I was.

It is good to be back in our motel room, with far fewer interruptions. The hospital staff usually tried to not disturb us, but even so, many times they came in like magic, just as you got to sleep.

You begin to wonder if they have a Nanny Camera and are outside waiting for my eyes to close.

And the several mistakes that we prevented were worrisome. It is not good enough that most of the nurses understand sterile technique. If they are playing with Janet’s IV lines, often 3 IV lines at once, they are not allowed ANY mistakes. It paid to watch them work. It just takes one germ.

One Home Care Nurse, was so brain dead that we asked to leave. Our fuse is getting shorter on that subject. Janet has already dealt with one infection of her “Central Line” (an IV that goes to the main vein, mixing with the blood just above the heart.) It is a life threatening ordeal that involved surgery to remove the infected line and a very uncomfortable temporary line in her juglar for several days and now a PICC line in her arm. Each of these needs to go to the main vein, mixing with the blood just above the heart.

We met many, many absolutely super people in the Hospital Staff, and in the outside support people, that bent rules to help and often gave time or favors for us, way ‘Beyond The Call OF Duty.’

Sadly, some in Power were not so nice, but I dare not explain until we leave the area.

We are worried about the small bowel obstruction. If she could just eat real food, we think that her health AND our moral would be so much better. Things like that keep us a bit tense.

On the good front, various lab tests and other indirect data implies that her alternative care at Reno Integrative Medical Center, under the excellent Dr. Bob Eslinger and staff, seems to have much reduced the cancer that became rampant under the last weeks of the Seattle chemo.

VERY encouraging! Several tests show only slight signs of malignancy. Some show no signs at all, however, we never expected it to all be gone so soon. And, she has not been able to get her Integrative treatment for the month that she was in the Hospital.

It seems to us that most of the Orthodox Medical folks generally try to suppress any competition.. Several of the Drs loved to deride any non-Orthodox technology. At considerable length. Is this supposed to be rooting for the Home Team, or trying to save lives and make the sick people well again?

Usually, we refrained from pointing out that the Orthodox chemo had failed Janet. We did not need to abandon Orthodox Care. It abandoned us. But, fortunately the Reno Integrative Medical Center, under the care of a Licensed, Medical Doctor, using simple technology, all fully licensed by the State of Nevada, WAS helping Janet. And just by the way, with none of the standard collateral damage caused by the twice ineffective Orthodox chemo.

I assume that bigot is “fighting words” for most conversations, but we were saddened to see so many Experts in White Coats, that had made up their tiny, alleged minds, with no knowledge of what they were talking about. They had no idea who Dr. Eslinger was or what he does, just that they knew that he was a Quack and useless.

I found this on a major Web dictionary:
Definition of BIGOT:
a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

And, if you think that we just assume that all Orthodox Medical folks are bigots. We do not. We wait and let them tell us which side they are on. For ignorance or knowledge. Their choice.

We were very heartened to meet several, who did have open minds and if the door was closed and all spoke softly, knew of, or asked about what we were doing. Some even told us of other non-Orthodox things to investigate. There are many “sleepers” who want to keep their jobs, so are careful who they talk to and keep mum the rest of the time.

Time to trade my Soap Box for a bed.

Oh, and please spread the word. If you ever hear of someone with any of the cancers, that like Janet’s spread through the extra peritoneal fluid created in the abdomen, and there are many.

http://www.pmpawareness.org/index.htm gives you an idea.

Please have them Google

Sugarbaker Cancer

A Dr Sugabaker developed a very effective treatment that may be to only really good method for curing that class of cancer. However, when I read about it a year ago, it said that he does not use it on people that have already had most of the cancer removed. Only if he gets you before you have had surgery. So, we dropped it.

Big mistake! That is how Dr Sugabaker does it. But, some of his students WILL help people who have already had surgery. One is Dr Graves in Sacramento, CA. I imagine that there are others, Worldwide. But right now Janet is too weak for his treatment. It is hard on people who are not still strong. Perhaps when she is stronger

And, the plan is for her to continue to GET strong, so we will see. But, please help people who perhaps do not know about it or think that they are too late as we did. You may just save a life.

I hope this makes sense. Not too many typos or goofy sentence structure. It was written in a hurry.

Happy Holidays,

Dave & Janet


3 thoughts on “Janet has had some very bad times, but things are finally getting much better.

  1. Dear Janet and Dave:

    I was so very glad to see your update and message come through. Every day when I check my email, I always look for your message.

    I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have both endured but still have you in my prayers and thoughts every day sending the healing light and love.

    Work has been very busy as I recently sent out over 200 renewal applications to the tribal vendors and they have been diligently returning them with their checks. So the processing goes!!!

    Once again, Christmas is upon us, and the family will be gathered in their togetherness and a little madness. This year, I thought it might be a nice idea to let the adults open their gifts first so that we can we share their delight/surprise that I certainly have mostly missed in past Christmases because the kids are so anxious. I thought the kids could be busy helping the adults before they open their presents in their frenzy. Well, we’ll see how that goes. Of course, we all wish you could be with us. We will all say a prayer together, declaring your good health, wealth and happiness.

    Love always,



  2. Hi I came across your blog when searching for “Gerson Therapy with Ileostomy”. My father just had surgery yesterday that resulted in an Ileostomy. I contacted Gerson who said that the therapy isn’t doable because the coffee enemas cannot be placed directly into the small intestine. Can you please provide more information on the changes that you found needed to be made to this diet when dealing with the the ileostomy? I am in desperate need of any tips, help, or suggestions you can give me to help prolong my Dad’s life. If possible, we are willing to try anything. Thank you for posting your journey.

    • Sorry to be so slow to answer, but my days and nights are very full. We do not follow the Gerson Diet, now. Janet is on IV nutrition (TPN) and I have to make quick and very easy meals. Not great nutrition for either of us.

      Please email me at svalegria
      >> at<<

      Hotmail d o t c o m

      We really like Reno Integrative Medical Center if you can afford it. And the book "Outsmart Your Cancer". I (Dave) am still Vegan when I can be, but necessity makes me back slide to Ovo Lacto Vegetarian in a pinch. And organic if possible, especially "the dirty dozen."

      I would say to eat as healthy as you can. You need to go easy on the fiber, but Janet worked back up to a fairly high fiber vegan diet before her bowel obstruction screwed everything up.

      Our prayers to your father and your whole family. There are many Alternative Therapies. Not all work for all cancers, just like with conventional chemo, but few if any Alternative therapies have the collateral damage of conventional chemo. What kind of cancer does he have? What part of the World do you live in? USA or ??

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

      Dave & Janet

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