If you want to know when I update the Blog

Here is the official way to do it. Please make sure that it sounds good. I am not aware of any “gotcha”, but I have not had time to read it all. Or, to try it. If any of you that have want to comment, please do.


BTW, Janet is home and doing OK, but not a Happy Camper. I am about to call the adhesion surgeon and see if we can get an appointment real soon. Cross your fingers,




3 thoughts on “If you want to know when I update the Blog

  1. We just returned from a visit to the boat. Saw Kim and Grady and talked about you guys and Christmas. Our best mojo goes out to Janet (and you). If we can do anything just let us know. Love you both. David and Becky

  2. Omg!! Can’t imagine what u both must be going thru – thanks so much for the updates! I think of you both so often with a lot of love, support and hope – so glad I “found” you. Janet – I just came upon the photo I think u sent me of the night u and Janeen left for London. We were soooo young and I always admired the strength it took to do that. Totally understand your request for no visitors – duly noted – but please do let me know if i can send you anything or if you may feel like a phone call. Love Julie

  3. Hugs and Kisses – love to you both. Ditto – if you need anything at all, just let me know and I’ll do whatever I can. Lily send her love and fur-balls!

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