Several have asked about visiting Janet (and Dave, too) here in Reno. She understands, but would very much prefer to not see anyone for some time. She wants to get the edema under control first. She will keep you posted when that changes.

The idea of visitors is pretty upsetting, so I hope that is OK with you. There is more than enough stress to go around lately, so she is very serious about it. She hopes that you will forgive her. She still loves you all and really will announce when that wish changes. OK?


Now, for some fantastic news!

1) They plan to let us go home in a few hours, if blood tests, etc, continue to be so good. We can continue the antibiotic, TPN and other drugs at the Motel, AND this will allow us to get treatment at the Clinic. That is very important, of course.

2) We have been talking and emailing with Dr Cook’s Admissions Department for several weeks. They wanted all of Janet’s Medical Records (close to 1000 pages) and all the X-rays and so on. Many questions. Even some late night phone calls from their staff. They are very serious about seeing if they should take the case or not.

He treats endometriosis and also is highly regarded for removing surgical adhesion’s, which many studies find, occur in 80 to 100% of abdominal surgeries. Then the catch 22. You could easily do surgery to remove 3 adhesions, but create 5 more.

If you Google around on this subject, there are special techniques, like protective creams applied inside the abdomen, and even mention of a Gore-Tex sheet that they insert to keep things from sticking, but few surgeons use them.

Wednesday morning, the 14th, Dr Cook Skyped us, so we could use the computer as a speaker phone. We talked for 55 min, 18 seconds and I wish I had a tape. He is fascinating! And can do so much more than we thought possible.

Dr Cook and his surgical team use his state of the art, practically Star Trek, technology to keep problems to super low levels. One of his tools is a laparoscopic carbon 13 laser and to use a Carbon 12 atmosphere inside the abdomen. This gives him incredible control as to what he burns away, instantly cauterizing, so there is virtually no blood loss at all. He can practically stop at a particular cell by cell level as he burns.

It is 5:48 AM and I need to get some sleep. I will explain more as soon as I can, but you get the idea. He really got us fired up. (Add about 4 pages of exclamation points here.) He can even remove any tumors that he sees when he is in there!!!!

Just thinking about it makes it hard to sleep. ;-)

We could use some mojo aimed at making sure that he has time to treat Janet and that there are no hiccups. It looks like a GO for now.

Dave & Janet


2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. That sounds great Dave. From what I know about you–you are not easily impressed! Our love & prayers are sent to you both.

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