GMO foods

A Web article quotes farmer Jim Bridge, who does not use GE seeds on his farm:

“Here is my argument on the whole deal. When you read the seed catalogs, the licensing agreements for genetically engineered corn say you can’t feed animals any of the corn husks, corn stock or any byproduct off those seeds. “So what the hell am I eating the corn for?”

Another says:

All the safety studies submitted to approve GMO seeds were only short term. The world’s first lifetime feeding study discovered that rats fed a diet containing 11 percent GE corn developed massive breast tumors, kidney and liver damage and other serious health problems in the 13th month of life. The average life span of a rat is about two years. Again, this was the FIRST study to evaluate the health effects of a GE-containing diet over the course of a lifetime. This despite the fact that the first GE crops were introduced into the US food supply in the mid-90’s!

Monsanto’s Web site says:

“There has not been a single substantiated instance of illness or harm associated with GM crops. ”

“Why aren’t you running human clinical trials on GM crops?

“Because existing food crops are recognized as safe, the logical starting point for safety assessment of a GM food is to ask “what’s different?”

But, then Monsanto says:
“The “what’s new” in these crops comes down to new DNA, which in turn produces a new protein (and new RNA encoding that protein). ”

So it is the same AND different at the same time. But, just because your body has never eaten anything like it before, there is no need to test it in a study. Just buy it and see what happens. Janet’s cancer cells are just the same as Janet. Only the “DNA, which in turn produces a new protein (and new RNA encoding that protein)” are different. And cancer never hurt anyone, right?

Sorry Monsanto. We are among the hundreds of millions that do not want to be in your experiment.

Dave & Janet


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