A quick note

Sorry to be so slow to update. Janet continues to improve, just not as fast as she wants. She’s a now kinda gal.

We went for a 2.6 mile walk this afternoon and she did not have to sit down once. But, she thinks that she should do more. I pointed out that that is much more than she could do last week.

I will write more, but we need to get to bed.

Thanks for the many prayers and good thoughts. We still plan to use those tickets back to the boat soon, but we want to get a little further from the last surgery of Aug 21 to be sure not to have a bowel obstruction, that has twice come about 6 weeks after surgery.

Dave & Janet


4 thoughts on “A quick note

  1. Glad to hear Janet seems to be doing better. That was a good walk so keep doing them. Maybe a little longer each day to increase your energy level.

  2. We’re counting the days since Aug 21 along with you, knowing how much it means that you get back to the boat. Get out of here, already!

    Our hugs, kisses and many best wishes,
    All the Heaths in this Northwest neck of the woods.

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