Our diet

As I think we have mentioned, we are now Vegans. (No animal products at all.) And we do mostly Organic. That is, we do not eat the “Dirty Dozen”, the 12 or 15 most pesticide prone fruits & vegetables unless they are Organic. We do buy conventional for “The Clean 15” or whatever. The things like bananas, asparagus, and so on that usually are not prone to pesticide. We avoid GMO foods as much as we can.

Here is one of the most popular sites for info on pesticides in produce, but it does not seem to worry about GMO.

The EU and Turkey join us in our distrust of GMO. Turkey does not even allow GMO animal feed to be imported. You go guys!

We were asked, “Is there any scientific proof that the Vegan diet is good for you?”

Yes, there is lots of it. Here is one summary

“Mortality pattern of German vegetarians after 11 years of follow-up.”

by Chang-Claude J, Frentzel-Beyme R, Eilber U.

Department of Epidemiology, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg.

A cohort of 1,904 vegetarians and persons leading a health-conscious life-style in the Federal Republic of Germany was identified in 1978. After a follow-up of 11 years, mortality from all causes was reduced by one-half compared with the general population [the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) was 0.44 for men, 0.53 for women]. Among the 858 men, 111 deaths were observed, with 255 expected; among the 1,046 women, 114 deaths were observed, with 215 expected. The lowest mortality was found for cardiovascular diseases (SMR = 0.39 for men, 0.46 for women); in particular, for ischemic heart diseases, mortality was reduced to one-third of that expected. Cancer mortality was reduced by one-half in men (SMR = 0.48), but only by one-quarter in women (SMR = 0.74). The deficit in cancer deaths was mainly observed for lung cancer and gastrointestinal cancers in males and for gastrointestinal cancers in females. Deaths from diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems were also reduced by about 50%.

There are lots & lots of similar citations, but I need to get back to other chores,

Dave & Janet


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