Janet continues to improve daily

She got out of the Hospital Sun, 26 Aug. She was still a little sore, but only doing 1 Tylenol at bed time for pain. So, pain was now not a major player.

One lap around the Ward was almost one tenth of a US Statute Mile and she had been doing 6 laps at a time, 3 or 4 times a day for most of the time she was in the Hospital. On Saturday, the day before discharge, we even did about 6 flights of stairs, up and down, but spaced out over a little while. Stopping to explore new floors of the Hospital.

She drove us to our new house sitting / cat sitting gig. So she was quite good on Sunday and she gets better each day. She is doing some email and will get caught up soon.

About the “new” cancer. Clearly, we did not want to hear that.

It is good news in that it is the same type of cancer. Bad in that it became resistant to the Abraxane that they were giving Janet.

But, she has decided that the chemo, the whole idea of Orthodox Medical chemo, does not work for her kind of cancer. There are perhaps hundreds of kinds of chemo. And some certainly HAVE worked for many, including several of our friends. But, it is not working for her and has caused many new problems.

We have read many books and web sites. Have a look at “Outsmart Your Cancer: alternative non-toxic treatments that work”. There seems to be a pdf version at

http://www.willow-run-media.com/Health/eBook.pdf It is over 4MB, so have a good connection or lots of time when you go there. You can save it to your computer to read as you wish.

In our opinion, this is not the only source, but it does discuss perhaps 20 of the most popular methods. Some are super simple, you take 1/4 teaspoon of a safe and inexpensive liquid 4 times a day. No strange diet, move to an ashram, or other major life change required.

And, we know of several that are not in her book, that show promise.

Janet is going to beat this using the alternatives. Some of our close friends are devout Orthodox Medical practitioners or fans there of. We are sorry that we are going to stress you, but if it is any consolation. She has the Official Opinion from several Orthodox Medical doctors, including her Seattle oncologist, that Orthodox Medicine can do no more for her. So, it is not like she is “refusing help from the Heroes of Orthodox Medicine and being lured away to the Snake Oil Folks.” Your Heroes have written her off.

But, happily there are many likely cures that have no down side, if used correctly, and have brought many back from far, FAR, worse than Janet is right now. So, she will take her best shot and if that does not show results, then move to the 2nd best, and so on.

Watch this space. And, thanks so much for all of the Prayer, Positive Energy, etc.

We are very glad that our friends do NOT write her off. They know how tough she is. How tough WE are. All of us.

Please sing a few bars of “We shall overcome” at this point.

Dave & Janet


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