We are doing well.

I am sorry for the long delay in updates, but my (Dave’s) main computer has been giving me fits. I have repeatedly installed various backups and began to suspect an intermittent internal electrical problem, but it may be working OK now that I have installed the original software, to make it just like it came out of the box in Nov 2009. But, then that means that I have to update all that has changed with Windows since then. And it is a LOT!

Plus, we are normally pretty busy, so I do not have a lot of time to mess with the sick computer.

That is the short version.

Janet is still showing “normal” test scores. That is, the sorts of numbers that a cancer free person has. But, she has one last chemo on July 19, a PET/CT scan on the 30th, a Dr. visit on Aug 2nd and then about 6 weeks later, remove her ileostomy. Then a short wait to make sure that there are no complications and then… we HOPE to be able to go back to Turkey for at least a few months.

But, all of this depends on this and that, so wait and see and cross your fingers, pray, etc.

We sure are,

Dave & Janet


2 thoughts on “We are doing well.

  1. Thanks for your updates, and I do hope that all of Janet’s medical tests and problems turn out fine.

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