Janet went to a Roller Derby Queen today

Janet had a detached retina while we were in Spain in the Summer of 2007.

It was fixed very well by a specialist from Barcelona. (Barcelona is said to have the best eye surgeons in Europe.) A side effect of the treatment for that was a high risk of a cataract within a year. But, fortunately Janet’s cataract took longer to develop. So, she had the cataract surgery 2 years ago and got the new lens good for long distance and kept her other "Original equipment lens" for close up, Actually she now sees quite well at distance or close by using one eye or the other, if her glasses are not available. But, she is asked to have annual check ups.

Her surgery was done in Houston, so we needed a new Seattle eye doctor. She did an Internet search for a "Top Doc" and came up with

If you read that, you will notice that one of Dr. Leveque’s hobbies is "roller skating". Well, it turns out that in her case, that means Roller Derby, but she is very pretty and definitely NOT "built like a refrigerator with a head" as the song goes.

However, we have been told that if you get in her way on the rink, that you will think you were hit by a cement truck! No shrinking violet.

She says that her hobby and the excellent physical condition that she is now in, "Empowers me!" And she is still a Top Doc eye doctor.

Janet wonders how many people that you pass on the street have super interesting lives that you’d never guess.

So, now we know a Roller Derby Queen.

BTW, Janet got all A’s on her eye exam.

Dave & Janet


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