Boat Things

We just got an email that some very nice boat friends, Angie & Wayne, that we met in Portugal in the Winter of 05/06 have decided to sell their boat. Sad that they are quitting cruising, but they are much younger than us and need to spend some time on other things, like earning a living. Their advertisement for their boat is quite deluxe. You will enjoy it even if you don’t want to buy a beautiful boat that just happens to be waiting for you in Greece.

Wayne has built a ‘Sale’ web page containing detailed information, images, and of course their contact details. Or, you may want to hire him to design web pages for you. He seems to have the knack.

As long as I am talking about boat things, I’ll mention that the Garmin GPS Montana 600 that we bought a few months ago gave me so much trouble with the screen freezing, and other mystery problems that Garmin, very kindly, took it back and sent me another one. Sadly, the new one has some of the same issues and other friends that are deciding which GPS to buy say that many people are having similar problems.

So, while by no means happy, we plan to just put up with it. It is the best Garmin can do at present. Just get used to having to unplug the power, open the back and remove the batteries and wait a few seconds to reset the unit. Then start it again. I seem to have to do this every couple of hours. Garmin speculated that I was getting electrical noise into the unit through our generic 12VDC to USB power adapter. So they, again very, very kindly, sent me their special Garmin 12VDC to USB power adapter. To fix the problems.

But they seem about the same.

The Garmin GPS Montana 600 is still a very useful tool and we use it a lot. My complaint is the large number of crashes and bugs and that it is so much less user friendly than their earlier units, that they no longer support. I think they have gone way downhill the last several years.

Dave & Janet


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