Things continue to go well.

Things continue to go well, but we have been visiting friends in Port Townsend, WA and were off line most of that time except for a trip to the local library.

Janet’s meals are much closer to normal (or rather, normal for us) and still no more bowel issues for almost a month.

We are back in Snohomish, but are leaving in a few minutes to cat sit at one of Janet’s cousins. However, he has good Internet.

To add to the computer delays, Dave’s computer had several mystery problems and he (supposedly) erased the operating system and reinstalled everything as it it was back in April 2010. As far as we know a good time for his softwear not yet being goofed up. Of course, does this backup software really remove all of the possible crumbs??

But, now one needs to update everything from April 2010 and reinstall and debug all of the good software that he has bought (and wants to keep) since then and, of course, not installing the software that he now realizes was a bad idea.

So he is very busy.

More soon,

Dave & Janet


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