Things are going well

We are waiting for the next bowel problem. Having been ‘bitten’ so many times, we are somewhat paranoid. However, there have been NO pains or mystery problems since the beginning of the last hospitalization on April 9. So, we hope that the adhesions (random, string like scar tissue in the abdominal cavity) have all been corrected.

Janet’s first Oncologist in Texas and the present one in Seattle and a Gastroenterologist that was asked in for a 2nd opinion, all agree that that is the way this works. One waits for the body to fix the problem. It did that in Jan 2011 with Janet’s first surgery and that subsequent blockage and it will again. We cautiously hope that it has finally already done so.

She is increasing her dietary choices and gradually moving toward a more interesting and nutritious diet. So far, (since the Apr 9th) it is going well.

And, we have had a few nice sunny days. A welcome change from the cold, gray, rain. So, things are better on various levels.

I just thought that I’d better let everyone know as I realize that long silences worry folks.

Have a Great Spring!

Dave & Janet (still formerly ‘Kinky’)


2 thoughts on “Things are going well

  1. Hi Dave and Kinky J,
    Janet, I admire your intestinal fortitude is this battle. We are going home for a month in a about three weeks and I will have access to my sprit rattle which I will shake as I send positive vibes your way.
    Sue and Gene

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