Update April 14 2012

Janet has been in the ER and hospital 3 times in the last 10 days with an intermittent ‘small intestine’ obstruction or perhaps a kink. It seems that these are very common after major abdominal surgery and one just tries to get through each one and eventually the bowels fix the scar tissue that is causing the trouble.

She is just fine at the moment, but we are pretty nervous about when will the next one hit. She had a very similar blockage in Jan 2011 about a month after her first major surgery, so this is deja vu all over again. But that one fixed itself in a single week long hospital visit.

Several folks have asked when we will go back to the boat. We do not know when we will return to Turkey, but it is at least several months away. As soon as Janet can be away from the hospital for several weeks, IE when she does not need weekly chemo, we will probably go to the boat for as long as we can and then come back. Once she is all done with this we will be on the boat even longer times, like a year or two at a time.

Please continue in your support. It is much appreciated,

Dave & Janet (formerly ‘kinky’ but we hope that is past)


2 thoughts on “Update April 14 2012

  1. We continue to pray for you! The card we sent to the hospital in Washington during her first visit was returned to us Saturday. Guess she checked out before the card arrived. Anyway, take care and thanks for keeping us informed.

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