4 thoughts on “Janet got out of the Hospital

  1. BOY!! That Capt. Janet is quite a “go-getter” to have bounced back as she did. We know she still has “a tough row to hoe” but anyone can do it–she can! (And I’m sure that you, David, have been a real bulwark to support her.
    Love & Peace from the Oui Si crew

  2. Aw, Janet, sorry to read about your hospital adventure, but it is a good thing the problem was found and fixed so quickly. We’re glad you’re out now and once again getting back on course. Hope the healing time for the surgery isn’t too onerous. Don’t push yourself too hard.
    Sue and Gene

  3. We are sorry to hear about your health troubles, and we are glad you are out of the hospital. I hope we can see you if you are still in Seattle next time we go up.
    Kathy (and Harvey)

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