Janet Update

Janet continues to improve every day. She hope to be upgraded to "Soft Foods" today. They think she can leave Wed, Thur, Fri. She walked 2 miles yesterday, pushing her IV tree. She could walk further, but it gets very boring doing the same 502 ft lap over and over. She is still on TPN. That is sort of Gator-Aid for the blood stream with a fat emulsion chaser, as an all sugar diet is not ideal. It was shooting her blood sugar up.

The cafeteria here (which is a Loooooong way at the other end of the building) has a few reasonable vegetarian choices, but she has only been allowed a vegetarian broth, cranberry juice, jello, tea, and an Italian Lemon Ice. All ranged between good and tasty, but fall far short of "real food".

Dave has usually been sleeping in the room on a folding bed. There is a Family room for caregivers, with a microwave and coffee, tea, a shower and a free washer and dryer.

More news as it develops,

Dave & Janet


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