The View

Nice View

Nice View

We are house sitting for some friends of friends and the view from their living room is excellent. The problem that we think one has, living near Snohomish especially, is that cloudy weather is very common and so one can go for weeks or months without seeing the nice mountains shown in the photo that is hopefully posted nearby.

Most of our friends that live here love it. The clouds, the cold, the wet and the long list of things that Dave & Janet would rather avoid. So, it is the perfect place for them. Dave & Janet prefer warm, sunny, dry places. So, different strokes for different folks. But, we all certainly agree that when it is beautiful, that it is very hard to beat.

Changing the subject, here is a link to a dog that enjoys snow more than we do, but it will give you a big smile.

I prefer it without the sound, but have a look either way.


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