Janet continues to improve

As of Sunday 29 Jan, Janet continues to improve. Her feet are still a little tender and she especially wants to ‘baby them’ so as not to have a relapse. But, she is not using the crutches at all and we ran errands Thursday. She got a new wig and had it trimmed a little, and had her head shaved.

That was not easy emotionally, but the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) offered it and we were over in Seattle on the right day, so she did. Mostly to stop the shedding. Other cancer survivors have commented on the shock of seeing a huge pile of hair in the shower drain and on their pillow and all over the house, etc. So, it is very logical, but surprisingly hard emotionally. She sure misses those curls.

The rain is taking a tiny break so we are actually going for a short walk. Her feet are that much better.

Dave & Janet

PS. The walk was 1.6 miles and her feet are still fine.


2 thoughts on “Janet continues to improve

  1. That is great news!! Keep it up Janet & you’ll be curly again. Louise & I think about the Alegria crew quite often & have very nice memories of our cruising in the same times/areas. Love & Peace from the Oui Si crew.

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