More great news about Hannah!

As I have said, while we were in Houston, we met many great people. Patients and staff and of course many friends that we know from the past.

But, Hannah & Pete were doing a blog and were often in the Infusion room when Janet & I were there. Pete & Dave spoke a lot about many things.

When we first met them, Hannah was not a Happy Camper. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, and more trauma. But I just checked their blog,
And found the great video dated
Team Hannah Weekly Blog 13-01-12
January 13, 2012

She is doing SO MUCH better than when we saw her last! Go Hannah!!! And Pete, too.

You may enjoy the many other videos and other features of their blog and related pages. We do. We hope that you will keep Janet, Dave, Hannah and Pete in your prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts and whatever you do best.

BTW, have a look at their video:
This is truly amazing – Laura’s Tumour is shrinking
January 12, 2012
See also

Dave & Curly

What about us? Oh, we are snowed in at the Snohomish base. Janet has had some less than stellar days and nights, but the Clinic has cut back on one of the oral drugs for a few days to see if that helps.

But to be clear, it has never (yet at least) been awful. Several friends have had MUCH worse. But, we would say that this strong collection of drugs, does wear on her at times. But, things are good today.

Dave & Curly


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