NCI Radiologist confirms Burzynski’s success

Starting at about 42:20 into the film,

Nicholas J. Patronas, MD
Senior Clinician
Chief, Section of Neuroradiology
Radiology and Imaging Sciences
at the National Cancer Institute says, under oath, May 24, 1993, in part:

Q (Jaffe): What about these five patients? How come they lived?

A (Dr. Patronas): Well, it’s amazing, the fact that they are not handicapped from the side effects of any treatment, and the side effects of most aggressive treatments are worse than the tumor itself, so these particular individuals not only survived, but they didn’t have major side effects. So I think it’s impressive and unbelievable.

Q (Jaffe): How many times have you seen this in your experience? How often does this happen?

A (Dr. Patronas): I don’t. I have not seen it at any time.

Things like this are why we like the film.

Dave & Curly


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