A video that you should watch with an open mind

We just learned that the Houston Doctor that Janet is seeing starting Dec 27 has a documentary about his work showing on TV Dec 21
http://documentarychannel.com/movie.php?currID=9686&t=Burzynski:%20Cancer%20is%20Serious%20BusinessHe is controversial and we are still gathering info to seek the real truth, but we find the movie about him a gold mine of info and think that you may enjoy it. It may be seen anytime at
and they say that any Whole Foods sells it on DVD. Also Amazon & others. See also

I am writing a rebuttal of the most common slams that we hear about him. I will post it on our blog someday. (https://alegria1976.wordpress.com/) Here is one part:

The Urine slam:

A popular theme for Dr Burzynski’s detractors is to call him “the piss doctor” or to make other inflammatory claims about urine. The blood and urine were studied in early research, during which, he learned that certain compounds existed in healthy people’s blood and urine, but were lacking in cancer patients. He had discovered Antineoplastons, which are components of a complex biochemical defense system against cancer. They repair the genetic defects that cause cancers.

For the last 30 yrs Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplastons have been made from chemicals, not urine, just like most, but by no means all, drugs.

If you recall Premarin. That is a cream of vaginally administered estrogen, consisting primarily of estrogen isolated from horse urine. Not just any horse urine, but pregnant female horse urine. But, do people go ballistic over that?

If you will please read


you will see official confirmation that Dr Burzynski has made his drugs exclusively from chemicals for 30 years. He has never “injected people with piss” as I often see mentioned.

So, my advice is that if any ‘expert’ incorrectly uses the urine slam. Stop wasting time with that page and keep looking. You will save a lot of time.

Use that time to watch the video. <wink>

Dave & Curly (Janet loves her curly hair)


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