Coming Out

This morning Janet retired her wig! She has the dark and curly hair that often follows chemo. We are told that it will gradually change back to her former self, but she wishes that it would stay curly.

We are doing very well. Doing things that need doing before we can return to the boat and seeing friends as time allows.

Dave & Curly


4 thoughts on “Coming Out

  1. Janet, you look great! I am surprized at how curly your hair is now. So, are we, the gang, going to be able to visit before you return to Turkey?

  2. Janet you look great with curly hiar. Now what you mean bout keeping the curls. I still have on place that is curly, but the rest went back to straight. I didn’t know that Dave helped build the Alegria. All I knew was you and Mike. Learn something new everyday. Hope you and Dave have a Merry Christmas.

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