Update 9-11-2011

We were in Baltimore for 9-11-2001. Scary times. Please do whatever you do best to encourage that such tragic lunacy does not ever happen again.

It has been too busy to make entries, but here is a tiny bit of what has happened since the last entry.

I am starting to write this on the ferry from Steilacoom, WA to Anderson Island, WA. N47 10.350 W122 36.199

Dave’s 50th Olympia High School reunion was VERY enjoyable! As you might expect we saw many close friends from long ago and many that Dave remembered, but sometimes not really well. And, of course, their Significant Others.

Chance statements often to led to long, interesting talks, about shared interest in Genealogy, language, travel, the surprise that we have unexpected friends in common that have nothing to do with High School.

It is sad, that so often, people say something like, “What have you been doing since High School?”

We try to summarize the things that they hopefully want to hear about, but when we ask what they have been doing, we hear something like. “Oh, nothing interesting, like you.”

But, they HAVE!. It is just that they are used to their lives. Upon more specific questioning we usually find that they do interesting, even amazing things. They need to give themselves more credit.  Once we passed that misconception/roadblock, we learned many great and interesting things about their lives.

We are pleased that we now have found many friends that are involved in CSA’s and other similar garden things. (Being from Texas, CSA means ‘Confederate States of America’ to Dave. Google the Civil War. >But, it was seldom civil<)

But to you folks in the know it is ‘Community Supported Agriculture.’

I need to close for now, but I will be back.

Dave & Janet


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