We continue to have a great time.

We are in Davis, CA at the moment. That is NE of San Francisco.

In the last few hours, we are now getting warmer, because we are getting away from the Pacific Ocean and its (relatively) cold waters, which create ‘the marine layer’, which is semi-permanent low clouds and cool air. We have often needed more than our fleeces while near the Coast. Due to our ‘thin blood’ from months in hot weather, the Coastal Area, is quite a bit cooler than we are used to. Good preparation for Seattle.

But, we need to keep our ‘heat legs’ for a little while longer if we want to enjoy the interior.

Many thanks to the many wonderful friends that have taken time from their schedules and let us temporarily rearrange their lives.It is such fun to see so many nice folks.

In search of more nice folks, we will head to the Reno area tomorrow, and then Oregon.

Dave & Janet


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