What a difference the location makes!

In Real Estate the 3 most important things are said to be Location, Location, and Location. From Houston, TX to Palm Springs, CA it has been very hot. Over 100F has been VERY common for the highs.

Since Dallas, the dry heat has been hot but not bad compared to Houston. A friend near Tucson has seen 155F inside his parked light colored car. Hot even for dry heat.

But, on Sunday morning, we left Palm Springs in hot weather and drove 60 miles SW as a crow could fly, to San Marcos, CA, just north of San Diego and ate very comfortably outside at a Mexican restaurant Sunday evening starting at 6PM. Some of us were wearing a fleece by the end of the meal! Being close to the cool Pacific Ocean was a major difference.

In those ‘strange, but true’ moments, the friends that we visited today, up closer to Los Angeles, were out of town over the Weekend and while we were eating Mexican food at ‘The Acapulco’ Mexican food restaurant in San Marcos, they were eating sea food in the fish place next door. This is 70 SE miles from their normal location, and San Marcos has a population of 80,699. But we live in a small World.


Actually, these fish eating friends normally live on their sail boat, which has been in Panama for the last many months. But they were in Los Angeles for the birth of a Grand Daughter in early July. We met them in Rome where we all wintered over.


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