Yes, we DID get away.

Some have asked, “Did you make it? Are your finally on the road?”

Yes, we sure did. But have been pretty busy with seeing friends, driving and trying to set up a doctor’s appointment for Janet’s 3 month routine check up. A simple exam and two standard blood tests, but it seems to be hard to do.

You probably do not want to hear our full sermon on “We do NOT have the best health care system in the World.” You have already formed your own opinion. So, I’ll just point out that various independent authorities agree that Americans pay overall, for health insurance, entitlements, fees, and everything that it takes for health care for our Nation, the most by far, per person, of any country on the planet. But that America’s population is LESS healthy than more than 70 other countries and America’s health care system is worse than over 30 other countries.

We have some great doctors and cool technology that often we invented, but we have an army of parasites pumping our wallets dry to “give” us substandard health care. The doctors and medical staff have usually been great, with some glaring exceptions. But the paper pushers and bean counters are usually awful, and there seem to be 50 of those for every health care person. If you think I am wrong, please look into it. If you don’t look at the propaganda generated by the many Trillion $$$ industry, I am sure that you will agree with us.

OK, back to why that comes up right now. Janet could not get the only Gynecological Oncologist on her AARP Medicare Advantage from Secure Horizons to see her and his staff suggested several other doctors who “were surely on the same insurance” but were not. That took a week to work out, partially because none of these offices answer their phones. You get to leave them a message and wait days, and then they refuse to even look at the appointment book until you fax them about 40 pages of medical records.

Why not just say up front, “The doctor does not have any openings until blah, blah.” Or, “Sorry but we don’t have that insurance plan.”

So, we will research further ahead, like Tucson, etc and see what we can do. Otherwise we will see a doctor in Seattle.

We will probably leave Dallas Thursday the 28th for Midland and the Panhandle. Since thing happen to delay us, it is hard to give the folks that we are about to visit much warning and they have their own unexpected things happening. But, we will keep doing the best we can and see as many as we can.

Dave & Janet


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