Selling Dave’s Folks personal items

I just noticed that 2 weeks has gone by without an update. FYI: That usually means not much to report. Of course, it could mean that we are working flat out on some sort of disaster, so I will try to not go toooo long between messages, if I can just remember to do them.

Apr 20, Janet had her “Final Exam” with her Oncologist. She did great! Of course she always wants to do better. To get a lower CA-125, to have her hair already long, black & curly. She always lusted after her Toni Doll’s hair. I mean, her dog had hair like that. Why not her.

This lust for “If I only had blah blah, then I’d be happy.” is wide spread. It drives commerce, at least in America.

Well, she has a case of it. Who doesn’t?

Dave continues to have rottweiler duty with the medical bills. One example of many: The skilled nursing facility that Dave’s mom was in wants $500.00 more, but Dave can find no mention of why that is a legitimate charge in the rules of his mom’s insurance “Evidence of Coverage”. He asked the Insurance Company and they had no idea either, so they are thinking about it and promised to get back to him within 30 days with an answer.

Most of our time recently is spent trying to sell Dave’s Folks personal items that were not really garage sale sorts of things. Mostly we are using eBay. The items currently for sale are shown here.

Please frequently check that link. It changes.

We are challenged by the esoteric nature of some of these items. Dave’s dad, John Heath, was, most of his life, a BIG frog in a very small pond. He tried to get people to appreciate the extensive knowledge of the Arctic Peoples. Mostly as it pertained to kayaks, but they obviously knew many other things.

I use Arctic Peoples as while we used to lump them all into “Eskimos” which some say should now be Inuit, they were several ethnic groups, and I am told that many of the Alaskan groups still prefer to be called Eskimo. Most agree that the Arctic Peoples that we used to call Eskimo were NOT what we used to call Indians, even though their lands adjoined. Often the ‘Eskimo’ and the ‘Indian’ were enemies.

We all pretty much agree that ‘Indians’ is a dumb name for the people of hundreds of nations that inhabited the New World. A Public Relations artifact of Columbus (who’s real name might have been Colon) pitching his ‘discovery’ of a New World for the Europeans to rape and pillage. But in no way related to India.

I am NOT an authority at all, but I was told that Europeans were being guided further north with ‘Indian’ allies and when they first saw a new to them and clearly ‘different’ people in the distance, they asked their guides, “What do you call those people?” They were told a pejorative. Some have said that Eskimo means “disgusting, barely humans, that eat raw meat”. Well, if you Google > Eskimo wiki < you will see that that was probably a made up story. Sort of like the viral emails that are nearly all nonsense, with just enough truthful sounding stuff to make your eyes get big and forward it to all of your friends. (Thank goodness for Snopes.)

Anyway we are trying to find homes for weird things like a large library of spell binding books like these:
The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland Vol. XVII 1912
Ninth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology – Smithsonian Institution The Ammassalik Eskimo
Ethnography of the Egedesminde District with Aspects of the General Culture of West Greenland
Watkin’s Last Expedition
Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology -Smithsonian Institution
La Civilisation du Phoque
Qaannamik Pinnguaatit
Instruction in Kayak Building

And some more ordinary dishes and hats and stuff.

But, if we want to be done in about 30 days, something needs to change. One might be for Dave to not write long blog posts.

It has been said that “Dave doesn’t know any Short Stories.”

More info about john Heath at

Or explore the upper right hand part of our WordPress blog.

Dave & Janet


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