Happy Birthday Alegria!

37 years ago today, on April first 1974 an infant Alegria came out of the mold at Blue Water Boats, out in the woods near Seattle. She was then moved to our backyard where we changed her from a bare hull (no deck or anything inside at all, just a skin from the gunwales down) to an almost finished boat. She was put in the water for the first time July 1976.

She is patiently awaiting our return in Finike, Turkey.

Janet just had her last “Carbo & Taxol chemo”. Only two more Taxol chemos to go, but the best news on that front was her CA-125, a test for Ovarian Cancer that began at 563 last year and is now 5! That is FIVE, with an exclamation mark, not 51.

Anything less than 35 is “normal” as other things going on in the body can raise CA-125. It is not a precise measure of only ovarian cancer, but her oncologist says that in his extensive experience that people with 5 or less do not have recurrences of cancer! So her being told that she is in remission three weeks ago, has been underlined and writ in BOLD.

Dave and everything else are doing well and we need to go run errands, so I will spare you more text.

Happy Alegria’s Birthday!


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