Selling John Heath’s personal items

I am selling some of my father, John Heath’s kayak related things online.

My father was John Heath (1923-2003) who, for nearly 50 years, did a lot to make people aware of the amazing knowledge and technology of various Arctic kayaks from Alaska to Greenland. If you are not familiar with John Heath, here is my version of his biography at this link:

Or look in the right column of the WordPress blog.

I will be selling many things of his, paddles, native art, John’s drawings and more over the next few weeks. Please frequently check this next link. It changes. I have eBay items shown here.

I will run the eBay auctions for at least 7 days, so checking that link twice a week will let you be sure to not miss anything.

At the moment, the ivory carvings and other art objects seem like they will sell better on a Native Art auction sit, but I am still researching that. Suggestions welcome.

I will be adding more as time goes on.

Janet has 3 chemos to go and is still doing great.

Dave & Janet


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