A very nice article about Finike

Our boat, Alegria, is patiently waiting for our return in Finike. A small, very friendly city on the south coast of Turkey. Google it.

This nice article, written for one of the English language Turkish Newspapers appeared June of 2010, but this is the first that we have seen it. One of the very nice boat agents in Finike just pointed it out to us. His name is UMIT GOLGECI and he helps boaters from all over the world, get things done in a (wonderful) foreign land.

It is a nice article and the English is excellent. Remember that it is in a Turkish paper.


Janet and Dave continue to do well. We hope that you do too. Janet has 6 more treatments left and it is hard to imagine getting all of the other things done that we need to, to be ready to go at the end of that time.


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