Our Cell Phone

We just discovered that our cell phone was lost or stolen Feb 3 and we have turned it off because someone has been making calls on it. If you were trying to reach us, you will need to use our motel number 713-895-2900 extension 9165 until we can replace the cell phone and get a new number.

This is very frustrating, but fortunately not a lot of money is at stake. It could be worse.



1 thought on “Our Cell Phone

  1. Hi from Sarasota! Survived the grant proposal writing – got it turned in just in time. Now recovering in Sarasota with MJ. Unfortunately we brought the Seattle weather here. Never mind. Nice to NOT be working. Just wanted to say hi and say I tried to sign up so I would receive email alters when you blog. Hope the chemo is going well and that you guys are not too cold down there. Hugs Helen

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