Moving Day & Blackouts

For several days we were wearing Tee Shirts and running the air conditioner, but today Houston and much of the USA is having unusually cold weather. Today is Wednesday, February 02, 2011. It is 23F (-6C) at 917AM, which they are not ready for, so they have “rolling brown outs” which in this case means that they turn the electricity off for several hours in different parts of Houston. Our electricity and phone and Internet at the motel went off at 730AM and so we went to the Hospital where Janet is supposed to have Chemo at 1030AM. Hopefully the Hospital is exempt from optional power outages.

Yes, I realize that hospitals have generators for emergencies, but we assume that they only supply critical needs, not a doctor’s office.

In any case, at least for the moment, there is power and hot food in the Cafeteria.

Yesterday, we rented a tiny storage room and moved the remaining items from my mom’s apartment. At 3PM we will have the inspection and turn the keys in.

Janet & Dave both continue to feel great.

Several people have asked if they can subscribe to the blog that they prefer and get emails telling them when something gets updated.

I have not tried it, but, I believe so. Look around for the “Follow” button at the lower right on this link for blogspot.

And I think that for WordPress that you can subscribe here

Let me know how it works. Thanks for asking about it. I may have learned something.

Dave & Janet

PS: The chemo started on schedule. Yea! Only 10 more after this one.


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