Sad news about Jessie

I have some very sad news about my mom, Jessie Heath. At 530 this morning, Tuesday, January 04, 2011, we got the call from the Hospice nurse that Jessie had passed away.

We are very sorry that she is not still among us as the Jessie that we knew and love, but her last month has not been very good and Janet and I think that she is much happier now. We will be dealing with things today and for some time to come.

Per Jessie’s wishes, there will not be a funeral or memorial service. She wanted to be cremated and her ashes sprinkled in several of her favorite places in Texas and the Pacific Northwest. This does not preclude her friends from remembering her. Do what YOU think best. You know you better than anyone.

Please no flowers at all. Our only request is that whenever you think of her, that you thank her for all of the great times that you had together and see her on her best day, because that is what Janet and Dave do. This should make you smile, not sad.

If you are compelled to make an offering, some places that she really wanted to help, and has helped, are:

Manna Thrift Store

1806 W 43rd Street

Houston, TX 77018-3006

Phone: (713) 686-6440

and any place or person that helps animals, such as CAP in west Houston:

and the cat sanctuary that Jessie visited with us in Rome:

There are people helping, and needing help, all over the world. Generally, if you are watching for such things, you will learn where they are near you.

But, again, we are not asking that you donate to any one or anything. Jessie’s wish, and ours it that the most important thing is that people be loving, caring and kind to each other and to the critters that surround us. Hugs, kind words and courtesy to everyone, including a little petting to our non-human friends are the most valuable offerings. Actually, many humans like and deserve a little petting once in a while, too. But, use good judgment in the workplace.

Don’t you wonder about those that seem to just toss coins in a pot and, feeling good about how noble they are, continue to be, shall we say, ‘less than caring’ to everyone and everything.

Isn’t it better that everyone work on trying to be a great ‘Citizen of the Planet Earth’. This is not ‘an obligation’ or a sacrifice. Please do like you always do, being the best you can with every breath because you ENJOY it! That does the most good and, since it is fun, you will do it more often.

In the Emergency Room that Jessie visited many times this Fall, there is a sign that says:

“How other people treat you is their Karma. How you respond to it is yours”

Obvious, but too often forgotten. Gently remind them. That is the best gift.

Janet and Dave are very well and will write more later. This will be another busy day.


1 thought on “Sad news about Jessie

  1. Jessie was such a special person – we will most certainly miss her. (especially that contagious smile!) And because we want to, and Jessie would definitely like it, we’ll make a donation in her name to CAP. We’ll miss you Jessie – the world was definitely a better place with you in it.

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