2 thoughts on “Janet is HOME!

  1. I’m SO glad to know all went well – I thought about you all week while visiting in Everett. Will write soon and keep checking for further info. Abrazos, Sharon

  2. Hi hi hi!

    I FINALLY figured out the blog thing. I had forgotten you had one so when I asked our sauna gang if any of them had any news – voila! Only now have I had the chance to sit down and read all. WOW Congratulations on being through surgery and out of the hospital. Even though you did not get an email or blog response from me, know that I was thinking of you ever day. A bit of Silva was working out here. Yeah for farts. How come the bowel resection? Had the tumor set up shop on a piece? Well you can always stand to lose a bit of that one – a good donation to the cause. Hope your tummy does not hurt too badly. And no sit ups for a while – OK? Anxious to know how Jessie is doing. I imagined Dave running between HC settings when I could never get anyone to answer the phone. Hope you two are enjoying your motel suite now and a read bed. I will call when I can OK. Helen PS; Just hit the subscribe button – yeah so I can read you by email. PSS; Flooding here at least in Carnation. Must check on Nancy and Dave’s water level. We can’t wait to see you out here!

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