More info from Dave

Well, she is MUCH better today. She over-exercised yesterday and felt kind of bad for hours afterwards. She is showing admirable restraint today and doing very well.

Re: worry about food down there rotting.
The last ‘food’ that she ate was Fri night a week ago. Then she took an Industrial Strength laxative and only clear liquids until the surgery late Monday. With almost 3 days of out flow and only clear liquids in, she was ‘pretty clean’.

Then, after the surgery she could only suck on ice chips and that only sparingly for a long time until ‘full liquids’ like nectars and pudding. Yesterday (Fri) afternoon was the first ‘food’. But, she’d just done 5 laps and taken a shower and was exhausted. The small amount of food that she ate, just laid there.

Well, she is almost done writing her first missive since the big day, so I will send this.



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