Hi Everybody!

Hi Everybody,

This is Janet talking, the sickie. I think Dave has kept you pretty well informed as to my progress and I will try to write to each individual as I recuperate. But recuperation has been slower than I’d anticipated and hoped for but having never had a bowel resection (a section the bowel removed) and any kind of abdominal surgery I didn’t really know what to expect. But now that I have farted 3 times I think I’m on the mend! For those of you who know me well know that only farting 3 times must be some kind of a record. :-)

By the way, they let me wear my wig throughout this whole ordeal. In fact, when the nurse went to put on the little blue cap I asked if I could wear my wig and he said he didn’t know I was wearing a wig. The anesthesiologist said it was OK with him so no one had to look at my little bald head. :-)

Yesterday, day 4 after surgery day I overdid it by doing 5 laps around the hospital floor, taking a shower and eating lunch. Then I felt like crap. The doctor had said I could go home yesterday if I felt OK and in order to not be charged for another day I had to be out by midnight. They also wanted me to fart before I went. I tried, believe me but nothing happened and then my temperature rose a little so at about 10pm I gave up and said I’d stay another night. So here I am today and plan to leave after dinner tonight. I might as well get all that I’ve paid for, right?

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent positive thoughts and energy my way. I certainly do feel it and now if you could just send some farts my way I’d appreciate that too. :-)

Love to all,


1 thought on “Hi Everybody!

  1. Oh My Goodness!!! I cannot imagine how you two feel. Perhaps a flood of so many mixed emotions – relieved for her, sad for yourselves. Oh how I wish I had met her. I think she was a treasure. So wonderful to have such a wonderful person to be your kin, to raise you and give you the wonderful values to have. I think she must have been a terrific person because she gave us such a wonderful son who chose an extraordinary life partner. My heart is with you on this journey of emotions and celebration of her life.

    And yes…regarding
    “Actually, many humans like and deserve a little petting once in a while, too. But, use good judgment in the workplace”……
    I’ll try to remember not to pet anyone in my workplace – that won’t be too hard right now because I am close to throttling all of them…..bad time in my work life….sorry Jessie. Maybe she will look down on me the unknown friend to her with some needed advise.

    Love the both of you to bits!

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