More good news

9AM Thursday

Sorry to be so slow to update. Dave’s chores have kept him even more busy than the ‘usual’, which was already busy. He left the Motel room at 545AM Wed and got back there about 840PM, but could only stay about 2 hours in the Motel room. He needed to go back to Jessie.

Jessie was moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) late Wednesday and the people there seem very nice. Dave spent the night to help the transition, and all went very well, but Dave hopes to have time to try out the Motel bed soon.

Jessie is not recovering as fast as she did from the troubles in early September, but the doctor emphasized that that is to be expected. Please no phone calls or visitors yet. I will keep you posted.

She is better this morning than yesterday PM, so there is certainly improvement.

Janet, as those who know her expected, is doing great and ‘raring to go’. She has even had several visitors, but getting rest is important, so go easy on her. Being more popular than the Prom Queen, can be tiring. She went on a clear liquid diet yesterday morning (Wed) and did several ‘laps’ around the 5th floor pushing her IV pole.

The Holiday Socks that Julie gave her are all the rage. Everyone compliments her on them. She did her first lap today at 3AM and I think that she said that she has done 6 more so far today as of 9AM, so she may wear them out.

She has been put on ‘Full liquids’ which includes Cream of Wheat and other more interesting things. She can get rid of the pole. Hopefully tomorrow will bring at least some kinds of real food and a ‘Get out if Jail’ card, but we will see.

I am writing this from Jessie’s SNF and I will go see Janet next on my way to some sack time.

Many thanks for all of the prayers, good vibes, etc. When you think of any of us, see us with big smiles and having a great time.

With all of the interruptions, it is now 10AM.


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