Wonderful News

930PM Tue

It is easy to see that Janet keeps getting better every few hours. Sitting in a chair for times, etc.

Jessie was better, but recently is not quite as good as a few hours before. Hopefully just a low spot in a generally upward roller coaster. This has happened before as her brain recovers and ‘tidys up the blood leak.’

Please note the improved wording two paragraphs below. Janet’s OR nurse clarified it about 0700 this Tuesday AM.

740PM Monday

We got to the hospital right on time. However, she was late going into surgery because the operating rooms were running late, but Janet is out and in recovery. It went SUPER well!!!

Janet’s surgeon came out and answered all questions. (The next bit should have read.) Her surgeon got all the bad stuff out and the chemo should continue to clean up any invisible ‘crumbs’ that might have been missed. The first two cycles of chemo had done an excellent job on even the large tumors that were there when the chemo started. Many that they found during surgery had shrunk. Some were just a lump of dead tissue and many visible on the CT scan had disappeared all together.

He did not have to remove any important bits. She will not need any intensive care, just a hospital room. She will probably be out of the hospital in about 4 days with no long-term side effects. Just the standard ‘get over having your insides opened up’.

In about a month, there will be 4 more cycles of chemo (12 treatments, but we are VERY happy!

Many thanks to everyone, emails, calls, prayers, love, good vibes, etc, especially some friends that came and ‘Dave sat’. (Waited with me in the operating room waiting room.)


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