Janet & Jessie 01

13:19 Houston time

Thanks for all of the prayers and Well Wishes. There are so many that we can easily ‘feel’ them. But, don’t stop now. Jessie, Janet and Dave really appreciate them.

Dave’s mom Jessie is still in Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. She had a leak in a blood vessel in the back of her brain that we discovered Tue, Nov 30. The first thing that we noticed was that her vision was impaired.

Please no visitors or phone calls to her yet.

They still have her on drugs that have the side effect of making her sleepy and disoriented. Getting rest and letting her brain ‘tidy up’ are the top priority. She has improved a LOT in the last few days. There are ups and downs, but things are definitely much better.

She had a smaller bleed in the front part of her brain on Sep 7 while we were in the Seattle area. This gave her a lot of trouble, but over the following weeks she got better and by late Oct, the blood leak was gone from the CT scan and she was walking and doing everything about as well as before Sept 7.

We hope and expect similar results this time, but we need to be supportive and let the body heal. This is a larger bleed, so will take longer, but she is much better already.

Janet is going in for removal of any remaining tumors on Monday Dec 6 at 12:45PM, with surgery at 2:45PM and hopefully out in about 4 days, but it depends on many things that cannot be forecast. She has been having nearly no side effects from the chemo and her lab tests, etc are dramatically better every time, so we are respectfully and gratefully optimistic.

Cancer is never a good idea and we have all lost loved ones to it and had some suffer even though they recovered. We all send our prayers, heartfelt good wishes, affirmations, good vibes, or whatever you do, to all of them.

Her doctor is one of the best (we think THE best) and we are very fortunate and not the least bit cocky when we say that Janet is doing extremely well and the doctor says that this particular cancer is perhaps the one that he has the most success with.

So, let’s all expect total success!

To make things easier for you and me, I will try to post updates on our blogs.



In theory, they are identical, so don’t feel compelled to read both. The only reason that we have two is because they function slightly differently and we have not decided which we prefer. Plus, things in general and computer / software things in particular seem to have occasional difficulties, like our Gmail account right now. We like the ‘backup’ aspects of having two websites that are fairly easy to update. Having our eggs in two baskets.

Our old website at

seems to still be open, but probably will disappear soon. It was much harder to update.

Thanks again for all of the prayers and Well Wishes,

Dave & Janet & Jessie


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