Update Apr 20, 2010

Sorry for the gap in postings. We have been really busy. Yes, I know that you’ve heard that one many times before.

Janet & Dave fly to Houston on Apr 29 for an open ended visit to Dave’s mom. She has moved into an apartment and is selling her house and contents. We are going to be helping her with that.

She is well and just downsizing to an easier place to live.

Alegría is hauled out at Finike and will be until Apr 1, 2011. We don’t expect to be in Houston nearly that long, but want to do some land travel upon our return and think that she will be safer on the hard. Especially in the sometimes stormy Winters.

A quotable quote heard here in the haulout yard. “A walk through a haulout yard is a lot like going to a topless bar. You get to see interesting things that you can’t normally see.”

How true. We are amazed at the diversity of boat designs, especially the underwater part.

Keep in touch through email. The best is our gmail account. Put alegria1976 in front of the at sign.

Dave & Janet


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