How we spent the Summer of 2009

We spent nearly the entire summer in the Yacht Marine boat yard near Marmaris, painting the topsides, deck, cabin top and bottom of Alegría. It was a long, hot, dusty summer but it is done and she looks great.

We had some excitement the one day when I got bitten by a dog in town. We had inadvertently walked into a private yard that on our map showed as a through street. The gate was open so we didn’t notice the gate or the “dog” sign and the dog gave no warning bark but lunged at me and grabbed my knee. He knocked me down so I was able to crawl out of his range because he was on a chain. We happened to be on our way to the hospital to make an appointment to see a dermatologist for our yearly inspection. So we just kept walking and went to the ER. With all the blood running down my leg I went to the front of the line and after 7 stitches, a tetanus shot, antibiotics and 1062.06TL ($747) I’m fine. Like Dave said I got bitten by a dog but mauled by the hospital. Everyone, Turks included thought the charge was outrageous but the hospital just said “We’re an expensive hospital”. I suspect that when we said we were Americans they socked it to us. Our mistake was going to the private hospital. We know a guy (Canadian) who had a serious wound that got infected and his multiple visits to the public hospital totaled 60TL or less than $40 US. Well, live and learn.

We were only able to sail for 15 days this Summer, but still had a lot of fun.


alegria 252 half size


1 thought on “How we spent the Summer of 2009

  1. Boat looks spectacular!!! Glad you didn’t get lock jaw!! My motto with high bills is to appeal, appeal, appeal up to the top & they will often knock off some of the bill.

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