ALEGRIAN Adventures

This is my first try at moving our website to this free blog. Polite suggestions are welcome. Our gmail address is the best way to reach us. It is alegria1976. (You will need to combine the information on this page to make proper email addresses. I do it this way to hopefully repel spam robots, but not you. If this makes no sense, ask your favorite computer person.)

We also watch our old
>>svalegria<< hotmail address
>>alegria_1976<< yahoo address.

One reason for the change is that my mom will be closing her earthlink account as she has been given a better price elsewhere and is closing down her mail order business.

The other reason is that it is supposed to be easier for me to keep you up to date. I hope so. We will see. We are also trying

In theory, that is identical, so don’t feel compelled to read both. The only reason that we have two is because they function slightly differently and we have not decided which we prefer. Plus, things in general and computer / software things in particular seem to have occasional difficulties, like our Gmail account right now. We like the ‘backup’ aspects of having two websites that are fairly easy to update. I just send each an email. Having our eggs in two baskets is nice too.
Our old website at
seems to still be open, but probably will disappear soon. It was much harder to update.


3 thoughts on “ALEGRIAN Adventures

  1. Hi, What timing!
    I am deep into a Christmas project, collating all our annual, and some extra, into a booklet with copies for each of our 2 sons, and their 5 grandchildren. The first was in 1966, the year we were planning our move to Califonia. The paper has turned a funny shade of biege on some of the earlier ones, so it’s a “handle with care” sort of task. It has been fun reading through them all, though, especially the ones from the boat. Geez, we did have some adventures! Its been 25 years since we set off – how time flies. Thanks for the, as usual, very interesting saga. Wish we were there, too! I’m totally wrapped up it this core, but will get on the 2009 version soon. H & J

  2. Dave and Janet – so good to receive your holiday update note and card here at Mel’s office. We love hearing from you!! He retired 2 yrs ago but…it has worked out for him to continue seeing patients on Thursday and some Tuesdays. He’s still teaching at the UW Dental School and so thankfully not totally out of the dental business. We love still having his expertise available. He just got back from a trip kayaking and counting turtles in Baja. I’m glad your friend survived her very serious fall. Wow how things can change in an instant. We’re hoping you’ll get more time in sailing in 2010 now that you have such a big job done on the boat – but I’m sure your work is never done, especially given that you can do so much of it yourselves. Please enjoy your well deserved break and stay safe upon your February2010 return back to Alegria. Happy New Years to you both. Cindy

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